Top 5 Halo Motorcycle Helmets of 2022 – Update Buying Guide

One important mantra that riders imprint on their minds is to get all safety measures checked. Riding the motorcycle with all gears at all times is a must for freshmen and even experienced riders. The secure feeling helps one ride in peace and multiplies the whole riding experience. Thus getting quality gear is worth it. With many types of Halo Bicycle Helmet in the market halo range has had its hype. They are one of the best options when looking for something that stands out yet provides complete safety.

Often times even halo motorcycle helmets face certain damage and it’s of utmost importance to keep the gear protected that protects you. Halo motorcycle helmet is one such product that keeps your halo bike helmet protected. Some halo bicycle helmets come with the integrated halo feature and often a few give this edge to attach a halo ring.

Whether you spend just a few dollars or a hand full of money either way it’s wise to know if the product you are buying is worth the spend. Following are the best halo buys of 2022 that are just worth the money you invest in these gears.

1. Suomy Halo Matte Helmet:

Halo Bike Helmet

Whether it is appearance or complete safety, it covers it all. Suomy Halo bike helmet is a great matte-looking halo motorcycle helmet with a halo feature that gives it a great fit and the integrated drop-down solar visor gives it an edge for optimal visibility whether it be daytime or night.

The improved discernibility further cuts down on the chances of any mishaps. Before getting into any misfortune, it’s best to invest in good safety gear and this particular halo helmet just doesn’t disappoint.

Features of Suomy Halo Matte Helmet:

  • Quick-release tool-less face shield mechanism
  • 3 position ratchets installed
  • Integrated drop-down solar visor
  • Improved day and night visibility
  • Pin lockhield
  • Anti-fog pin-lock visor insert
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Customizable cheek pads
  • Meets DOT and ECE standards
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Great ventilation system

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2. Suomy Halo Motorcycle Helmet:

Halo Bike Helmet

Suomy continues to focus on its main activities that are manufacturing safety helmets and they had been one of the pioneers. The Sumomy Halo full-face helmet has an integrated drop-down visor that gives optimum visibility; it has a quick-release buckle along with a 3-position ratchet.  This helmet is quite authentic, providing more than enough safety. We tend to meet all DOT and ECE standards.

Features of Suomy Halo Motorcycle Helmet:

  • Pin lock system included
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Dropdown sun visor
  • Gives optimal visibility
  • Quick-release buckle tool
  • Great mechanical strength to handle the crash impact
  • Meets DOT standards

3. NECA Master Chief Bike Helmet:

Halo Bike Helmet

From its award-winning halo bike helmet range, it is one of the master chief’s great DOT-approved headgear. This modular master chief motorcycle helmet has a limited edition range. The outer shell is of ABS technology with Matte UV protective clear coating. The shield is well ventilated to prevent fog. Rear exhausts keep the head cool and dry.

This helmet has quite a convenient design with the D-ring nylon chin strap with snap closure that is easy to open and close yet provides the best security. It is quite user-friendly i.e. even if you are wearing gloves you may open the chin straps easily and can wear it even with the glasses on.

The margin of comfort is undeniable. But the only thing that makes it a big questioning is the weight of it, as it is quite heavy and big in size.

Features of NECA Master Chief Bike Helmet:

  • Convenient modular design
  • U-V protected clear coat
  • Exhausts keep the head cool
  • Contoured center padding
  • Glove-friendly opening mechanism
  • D-ring nylon chin strap
  • Glass friendly interior
  • Comfortable adjustable fit
  • Reflective shield
  • Dual-layer EPS cheek pads
  • Moisture-wicking washable liner
  • Meets DOT standards

4. Suomy Halo Matte Black Helmet:

Suomy is one of the known helmet brands in the halo range. This particular helmet meets or can say exceeds ECE and DOT standards. The liked feature that it possesses is the easy and quick release face shield mechanism along with the 3-position ratchet.

It has an impressive ventilation system that keeps the head cool and dry. Anti-fog pin lock gives the optimum visibility preventing any accidents.

It gives a pretty clear vision no matter if it’s daytime or night due to an integrated drop-down solar visor. The helmet is quite lightweight but has heavy-duty features that make it worth buying.

Features of Suomy Halo Matte Black Helmet:

  • Pin lock ready shield
  • Integrated drop-down solar visor
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Impressive ventilation system
  • Quick-release of face shield mechanism
  • Anti-fog shied
  • Removable and washable lone
  • Cheek pads allow a customization facility
  • 3-position ratchet
  • Meets ECE and DOT standards

5. HALO Master Chief Full Helmet Costume Accessory:

Halo Bike Helmet

This is indeed a full helmet that covers nearly all features that make it worth a wise buy. It looks great on and not just in looks but also from a safety perspective it does its job quite well. Hard helmet, that has nice interior padding to provide enough comfort.

It’s not too pricey and if one has a small head then even adults may wear it. Some say that it is not greatly ventilated whereas it does happen to have air ventilating holes. Has a wide shield for a broader vision. It may be difficult at night as the visors get darker but extra lightening can always be added.

Features of HALO Master Chief Full Helmet:

  • Extra padding
  • Hard helmet
  • Wide shield for a wider view
  • Great for small heads
  • Great road appearance
  • Not so pricey

Why Is Halo The New Hit in 2022?

The main objective when the halo range was launched was to cater to people that were looking for both style and performance. It happens to add a unique, potentially life-saving element that is effectively new to helmets.

And it’s human curious nature to at least look into what’s different and new. It is not that you want to buy it and wear it just because it looks good, No! In fact, it can save your life if anything goes wrong one day.

The halo active technology works around the endothermic chemical system that does its reaction inside the helmet ring at the moment of impact providing maximum head protection.

The polystyrene foam that is found in most helmets is quite the same as installed in the walls of refrigerators and portable coolers as they are perfect energy absorbers and insulate the impact.

The helmet acts as an oven to the sweaty heated head, causing post-accident brain temperatures to come to optimum readings. At times when you have the helmet on, the compressible halo ring that is attached to the helmet gives you a great fit along with maximum protection.

A few helmets that don’t have this feature integrated let to have it attached or keep it when you may place the helmet for its own safety. There is one helmet that speaks for itself and stands out at first glance.

Mostly in relation to their visual appearance, halo rings are almost 1-1/2 inches tall and usually 6 inches in diameter that are good enough for nearly all helmets. It’s simply the ideal size to keep an inverted helmet protected.

Halo bicycle helmets are often affordably priced, keeping in mind the real cost of protection. Protecting what protects you is a good reminder statement for all riders when helmet care is a concern.

Halo helmets tend to have certain outstanding features that tend to keep them on the top line. Mostly it is reported by drivers using halo helmets that they tend to have a better focus even in bad weather as it shields the rain from hitting the helmet.

It provides better visibility. It adds weight to the whole helmet and increases the balance due to the center of gravitation that affects the grip and performance. Last but not least, an obvious reason is to improve the driver’s safety.


Halo helmets are a hit in the helmet range as they are quite catchy in appearance and yet comfortable too. They happen to be inexpensive solutions to the rider’s problems. Helmets also tend to stay much protected when halo rings are installed.

But when you get a halo helmet itself, it is indeed a great investment in the valuable years to come. In such a case one doesn’t need to attach or detach a part where it comes integrated.

It is always best to keep the check on safety first and it is highly recommended to spend money on a quality product. Halo range does happen to cover all the safety aspects but still choosing the best is what comes your way.

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